Mission for happiness

 Soca Riddim Fitness is an energetic, dance inspired fitness program based on Caribbean music and moves that premiered in Stockholm in august 2013, with a weekly class every Sunday ever since.

Soca music – short for “Soul of Calypso” – is carnival music from Trinidad & Tobago in the West Indies. The music plays a major role in the yearly carnival in Trinidad with hundreds of thousands of visitors. Soca music is based mainly on fast drums with energetic song and festive lyrics.

Carnival in Trinidad & Tobago is for everyone, young and old, all nationalities! Soca music is about celebration and having fun, and the goal of the training is to get fit while having fun.

The goal with the fitness program is not only to get fit, but also for the participants to develop their body consciousness, muscle memory as well as attain a greater self-esteem. Soca Riddim Fitness wants to create an unpretentious atmosphere where everyone, no matter size, ethnicity or age, can feel good about themselves, new beginners as well as those who have previous experience with aerobics and dance classes.




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